Grace-Shaped Parenting

"James Dickson draws upon the rich diverse history of his relationship with his own children and pursuit of God's wisdom to create a book both practically helpful and entertaining."

Best Selling Author of Relative Justice

"Dickson's pastor's heart shines through on every page as he becomes both coach and fellow traveling companion in the high privilege we call being a parent."

President, Covenant Theological Seminary

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"As parents, we can often walk around with a great deal of guilt for a variety of reasons. A Thousand Little Moments is one of those books that guards the reader from that. This is due to James's pastoral heart and the biblical wisdom he passes along. Reading this book will remind you that you're not alone in your struggles as a parent. You will also be reminded of the faithfulness of our own Father in the midst of our struggles."

John Perritt, Director of Resources for Reformed Youth Ministries,
author, host of The Local Youth Worker podcast, father of five

"A Thousand Little Moments overflows with refreshing life-won prudence. This practical, loving approach to parenting offers a fresh look at apologetics combined with biblical principles about raising children. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in laughing aloud, applying scripture to their circumstances, and learning how to be a better person while parenting. Sharing insightful, humorous, and poignant stories from his life and the lives of other relatives, Dickson imparts wise advice on solving common familial problems and challenges. Every family will benefit from reading James Dickson's powerful new book."

Katherine Hutchinson-Hayes, EdD, author of
God's Little Black Dress for Women and A Fifth of the Story

"James Dickson has creatively brought to the readers of this volume a somewhat different approach to Christian parenting. Most books and conferences give three to seven broad-ranging principles and Pastor Dickson presents a different scenario in that parenting is perhaps best understood as biblical faithfulness in "a thousand little moments." This premise is more than interesting, it is intriguing and informative not only because of his approach but because of his faithfulness to the Bible as the touchstone for
effective Christian parenting. Enjoy."

Harry L. Reeder III, Senior Pastor,
Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, Alabama

"A Thousand Little Moments is a hands-on book about Christian parenting. Yet it is so much more. Saturated with scriptural application and steeped in practical advice, James Dickson gets right to the point. Once you read it, you will be not only motivated but also equipped to become a better parent."

Dr. Ryan F. Whitley, Senior Pastor,
CrossPoint Church, Trussville, Alabama

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